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A collection of useful resources to simplify your investing and trading activity

Trading is no easy task, and should be taken seriously. The good news is that it’s never been easier to access so many tools so quickly, many of which can greatly simplify your life as a trader or speed up your learning journey. So many, in fact, that they can be overwhelming. Consider this a collection of our favorite resources!

Recommended Books

Cryptocurrency Wallets


Recommended Books

When it comes to trading and investing, education is really key. You can be as dedicated and disciplined as you want, but you will not become consistently profitable without having a proper knowledge of the field.

Not only that, but psychology will play a tremendous role in your trading journey. Knowing how to read charts and identify patterns is one thing, but the hard part comes when it’s time to hit that buy/sell button. These are our favorite books that cover pretty much every trading-related aspect.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Whether you are looking for a hot wallet to accommodate your frequent transactions or for a cold wallet to store your cryptocurrency for longer periods of time, we’ve got you covered.

Because hot (online) wallets are connected to the internet and linked to your public and private keys to make your money readily available, they are inherently less secure. Using a cold (offline) wallet is generally more secure, but unconvenient if you are looking to trade frequently.

Hot Wallets

Cold Wallets


The amount of channels, groups, chat rooms, podcasts, forums, blogs and whatnot about cryptocurrency has skyrocketed. With so many sites and platforms, filtering through all of them can be a daunting task.

Although you should spend some time to go through the resources yourself to find the ones that best suit your trading style, this is a list of our go-to resources that don’t belong to the categories listed above. Tip: a cryptocurrency news alert can be incredibly useful at times!

Chats & Discussions

YouTube Channels

News Sites


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